Whole fragmented to countless pieces.
Brightness suspended in timeless glow.
All coexist in myriad dimensions,
Outnumbering those directions can show.

Fragments that gather to join one another
Turn into light and shine once again.
Bound by forces of perpetual motion,
Orbit the centre of a galactic plane.

Point to point and fraction to fraction,
Are we just product of chain reaction?

Creation's design and its baffling meaning
Longing to fathom since the beginning,
But would your life be still the same
If the answers simply came?

Answered questions are fulfilment,
Bring no need to ask again.
Would your fate remain the same
If the answers simply came?

Ask and search, learn and try,
Deepen wisdom of existence.
Even if you border torture,
Even if you will never truly know why.

Torn asunder, unaware, and exhausted too,
Solitary pilgrims journeying through the life,
Is there something we can do?
Love each other, break the distance,
There is purpose in existence.

Would the Universe exist if it was not created?
Would God have reason to exist without the Universe?
“To be or not to be?” - Shakespeare
“Je pense, donc je suis.” - Descartes

Human Being

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